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The future of design and architecture in the United States will be increasingly characterized by green building, sustainable architecture, adaptive re-use and historic preservation, and low-energy design. A look at the economy over the last 36 months demonstrates a complete, though temporary, stall in the construction industry for any projects requiring financing and most funded with existing capital. What will the future look like in the short and long term for the design and construction industries? What color is the new black? What will the future “plum” projects be for architects? These are the questions prospective students and their families should be asking as they decide which school to attend for an accredited architecture degree program.

Judson Fact #1 – Judson is the ONLY architecture program in the United States that is housed in a state of the art, mixed-mode naturally ventilated, green building. The Weber Center is in a class all its own, a LEED Gold learning center, and a learning laboratory for 21st century architecture practice. You can study at a school that takes field trips to case studies, or you can study architecture IN a case-study for energy efficient, passive solar, natural ventilation, and water resource management.

Judson University hosts Preview Days, specially designed for prospective architecture students, on February 21 or 25. The Department Chair, Professor Keelan Kaiser, presents the key features that distinguish architectural education in the very unique context of Judson. The program is housed in facilities that is in a class of its own; in one of the only LEED Gold buildings to study architecture in the world. Judson University is the only evangelical Christian institution in the United States that offers a professional M.Arch. degree program. The program is extremely unique in that it includes a full year of experiential learning, through a paid internship experience. Join other students from around the country and spend the day visiting the program, facilities, campus, faculty and students on February 21 or 25.

Judson University accepts a limited number of architecture students transferring in from other colleges and universities. Many universities and some colleges offer a pre-architecture beginning program, which hypothetically allows students to transfer into the third year of architecture at Judson. However, Judson requires all students to formally apply to the third year (the pre-professional years) of the program by February 15 each year, including transfer students. So if you are considering applying to JU, and you are transferring two years of pre-architecture program credit into JU, please note the departmental deadline of Feb 15, 2013.


Career Day in Chicago at IIT

Chicago area high school students interested in exploring career opportunities in the areas of architecture, building and construction should attend the Chicago Architecture + Design Career Day hosted by the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago on October 16, 2010. Over 50 architecture and design schools will be on hand to talk with students and parents about their programs for architecture education. Judson will have an admissions councilor and the Assistant Chair for Undergraduate Programs, Prof. Ian Hoffman, at the event. For more information and to register


Computer or iPad?

Trying to decide whether to get a new computer or laptop for college?

At Judson Architecture we do all our studio work by hand for the first two years of the program to invest deeply in tactile “making.” Prospective, first and second years students, consider an iPad with a keyboard charging station instead of a new computer. With apps for everything you could need, including Pages and Numbers, for all the needs you might have for papers and reports, as well as internet information, we recommend an iPad for under $700 rather than a computer. All architecture students have a required laptop purchase in the fall of third year, so this is a better investment and gives ultimate portability. Since almost every space on campus is served by wireless, this is a very affordable option for computing flexibility. The 3G option is not required.


A Saturday in Judson Architecture

Well into the third week of classes, Judson architecture students are finishing first round of papers, studio projects, and research proposals. Judson brings students to the northwest suburbs of Chicago from all over the United States. The only evangelical Christian university the country to offer a professional M.Arch. degree, Judson is THE place to study for students who want to have a career in architecture of significance and purpose. Alumni from JU are owners of architecture offices, serve in international ministry organizations and NGO’s, and work for some of the most influential offices in the world.

Judson architecture students have been designing habitat for humanity houses, working with local communities for urban redevelopment visions, designing worship environments for local congregations, and independent projects as well. Students are studying architecture precedents in their history and theory classes, studying construction technology and methods, and exploring structures and innovations in sustainable design.

It is a great start to the year at Judson University Architecture.

Danny Nelson (B.A. 2010) placed 2nd in the State of Illinois, AIA student design competition. His project, Air Force Village Chapel, was acknowledged earlier this week as one of three finalists for the competition. Danny is currently an intern with Hobbs + Black in Ann Arbor, MI, prior to returning to Judson for his final year of graduate studies in 2011/12. Danny studied under Dr. David Ogoli and Professor Ian Hoffman during the semester which this project was completed.

Three board competition for the Air Force Village Chapel

Three board competition for the Air Force Village Chapel

Judson University is the only evangelical Christian institution in the United States with a professionally accredited M.Arch. degree program. Students choose Judson because of the Christian context, excellent faculty, a delightful 90-acre campus on the Fox River 40 miles from Chicago, and the opportunity to study architecture in one of the newest and greenest schools of architecture building in the United States. Judson University and the Department of Architecture are proud of the accomplishments of our students. Great job Danny!


Dear Brendan, Jared, Jessie, Seth, Matt, Sam, Joanna, Aaron, Ben, Tracy, Nick, Nathaniel and Christopher,

Let me start by letting you know how impressed we all were with the considerable talent, and technical expertise of your group. Our team has had the privilege of working with many of the marquee groups in urban planning and architecture, and the design quality and visual presentation of the material you collectively prepared was truly world-class. Our high hopes for the week we spent together were very much surpassed.

The design work you completed this week will form the foundation of the phase 1 revitalization for Rockford. LWLP, the RRDP and countless members of the community are working diligently to make this revitalization a reality for Rockford that will result in a more inclusive, cohesive and functional community. We thank not just you but your husbands, wives, children and friends for the time you took from your busy lives to help Rockford become a better place. This contribution is particularly notable given the grueling pace that finishing your school year and, in many cases, your graduate degrees, must have entailed over the recent weeks and months.

We had the opportunity to see a few of your projects when we toured the Judson facilities in March. Needless to say, the work we saw then, and last week, gives us great confidence in your professional prospects and abilities. It is reassuring to know the next generation of urbanists is such a talented, generous and capable lot. There is a small but growing community of people dedicating themselves to improving the quality of place across America, I suspect Rockford has just met some of the movement’s future leaders.

As you move forward in your careers please do not forget Rockford or LiveWorkLearnPlay and keep an eye open for opportunities where we may help express our gratitude to you by helping advance your work, your mission or your careers.

Good luck and a large congratulations to the recent graduates!

Lastly, to (Professors) Christopher (Miller) and Nathaniel (Brooks), thank you for your time last week and, more importantly, nurturing and educating such a wonderful group of planners and architects. Your guidance  and management of the week was very much appreciated, Judson is lucky to have such capable contributors to their architecture program.


Daniel Byrne
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