The Classicist no.8 (212pp.) has been published and includes a number of entries from JU students. This is the premier journal of the classical and traditional architecture community comprising practice and academic studio work.  JU was also included in the previous issue no. 7. Included in issue no. 8 are 23 pages entitled “From the Academies:” with 4 pages for Notre Dame, 2 for Yale, 3 for Judson, 1 for the Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment, 2 for the U. Miami, and 3 for the Institute for Classical Architecture. Judson shares a place at the table of schools exploring the role of traditional design methodology in contemporary architecture education. Please join us in congratulating Brian Mork, Aaron Holverson, Nathaniel Brooks, and Kevin Svensen.  A special thanks to Landscape Architect Craig Farnsworth for his substantial mentoring role in the studio watercolor instruction. Selected works are reproduced below:
BMork Foellinger Hall Analytique

BMork Studio Work

KSevenson Studio Work

Graduate Studio Reviews Monday

The graduate students will present their work on Monday, April 19th in the Draewell Gallery at Judson University. A range of entries is expected from creative traditional architecture and urbanism solutions to sustainable design and technology investigations. The sustainable design work is on display during the morning, and the traditional architecture and urbanism work is on display in the afternoon. A special graduate thesis review will take place from 12-2pm in HWAC 321 featuring the work of Thomas Sharp. Finally, the best work from both studios will be left on display in the Draewell Gallery through Thursday, April 22nd.

JU students at it again!!!

Browse the front page of the evolo architecture and design journal today and you will see yet another Judson architecture student publication. Architecture graduates and current seniors Ryan Browne, Nathanael Dunn, Daniel Nelson, Benjamin Scholten recently completed a design for a tall building competition. Jackie Chan meets Robert Redford in this smack down, wild west, screamer. Oh, yeah, they knocked it out during winter break for something to pass the time between semesters. WAY TO GO boys.

urban transducer skyscraper

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