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Harm A. Weber academic center, post-occupancy building performance and comfort perceptions

Kaiser, Ogoli, Cook
The Weber Center, designed by Short and Associates (design architect) and Burnidge Cassell and Associates (record architect), is a first of its kind in the continental climate region of Chicago, IL. The result of a winning entry in a 2001 invited design competition for a new School of Art, Design and Architecture combined with a Central Library, the four story building occupies approximately 88,000 gross square feet on the Judson University campus.  Download Paper

CS paper

Inclusive Educational Practices of Diversity:
Multicultural Architectural Education from a Sustainable Perspective

The inclusivity and sustainability of Architectural Education from a multicultural curriculum is the premise of this paper. Specifically, we will narrow our critique to the African American culture in hopes of bringing awareness and inclusivity to the sustainability of a traditionally marginalized population. Our proposal highlights how properly designed ACSA architectural education programs can meet the specific requirements of an Afro-centric curriculum. Download Paper

KKSustainable Scales

Sustainability at Multiple Scales in Architecture Education Pedagogy

This paper discusses a design studio pedagogy, evolving over several semesters, that involves preparatory experiences in sustainable community design and sustainable technology as a means to inform subsequent architectural design. The paper speculates that preparatory influences at the extremes of urban design scale and building envelope scale can stimulate a holistic approach to architectural design pedagogy and allow the design student to think more holistically about sustainability.  Download Paper

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