Prof. Miller to Lecture at CNU 18

Dr. Christopher C. Miller will present a paper at the Congress for the New Urbanism 18, New Urbanism: Rx for Healthy Places in Atlanta, May 2010. The abstract of his paper follows:
Visualizing Morphological Conditions for Pedestrian Connectivity
A study of Elgin, Illinois, has produced a data visualization picturing the urban morphology as a condition for potential pedestrian connections comparing twentieth-century development to its earlier development pattern. The data visualization shows how few potential pedestrian connections are contributed from the buildings of the last 40 years. First, there are relatively few potential pedestrian connections within the 400 foot range.  Second, these institutions have relatively few open hours: open only during business hours and numerous holidays.  Third, these two factors are exacerbated by the enclaving of these institutions together on a civic campus.

As a tool, the data visualization can be used in a number of ways:  to quantify the pedestrian network potential for a particular urban fabric, whether close- or broad-grained;  to demonstrate the impact of new development in relation to an existing fabric; or, to compare the network potential in neighborhoods having different morphologies.
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