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Bachelor of Arts in Architecture
Welcome to the Judson University Department of Architecture, home to undergraduate programs in Architecture and Interior Design, as well as the graduate Master of Architecture degree.


The Department of Architecture and Interior Design is a unique program that brings together an outstanding award-winning group of academics, architects, designers, and artists who practice their Christian faith in concert with their professional and creative identities. We are co-creators in God’s complex and intelligent creation. As such, we aspire to promote the stewardship of the natural environment, articulate architectural and urban design projects that foster social justice, and professional paths that lead our graduates to become decisive leaders in the future.

Our students are part of a solid educational program that allows them to critically engage with trades such as architectural design, architectural history and theory, construction technology, digital fabrication, woodshop making, and building information modeling. The Study Tour stands out as a required study trip that allow students to fully immerse in international cultural contexts to strengthen their academic and professional training. Additionally, the Preceptorship Program is a distinctive internship experience that allows our students to have professional experience prior to their graduation and enables them to advance in the path to examination and become registered architects. The Department of Architecture and Interior Design invites you to take this exciting step in envisioning and co-creating a world that glorifies God and positively enhance the lives of his people.

This department micro-site complements the program information on the primary Judson University web page [www.judsonu.edu]. Please look around this site and the university’s primary site, and consider joining us on your educational journey toward a rich and purposeful career in the design professions.

Dr. Edgardo Perez-Maldonado
Chair, Department of Architecture and Interior Design

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