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Bachelor of Arts in Architecture
Welcome to the Judson University Department of Architecture, home to undergraduate programs in Architecture and Interior Design, as well as the graduate Master of Architecture degree.

The Department of Architecture is a collection of Christian architects, designers and scholars committed to the faithful engagement of our God-given creative gifts and aptitudes, in His image and for His kingdom. The lifelong study of Architecture and Interior Design demands a broad landscape of both right- and left-brained skills, ranging from creative to technical, intuitive to calculated, historical to imaginative, manual to digital. No one of us is gifted in all of these areas, but each of us excels at some of these. In the Judson University Department of Architecture, we will come alongside you to help you to identify and cultivate your strengths, while we also challenge you to continually improve upon your shortcomings, as we do the same. The study of architecture and interior design is at once a creative, rigorous, passionate, intellectual, and fulfilling pursuit which will equip you to make positive change in the built environment for God’s people, and in all things glorifying Him, the great Creator.

This department micro-site complements the program information on the primary Judson University web page [www.judsonu.edu]. Please look around this site and the university’s primary site, and consider joining us on your educational journey toward a rich and purposeful career in the design professions.

Ronald W Daniel
Interim Special Advisor to the Provost
Interim Chair, Department of Architecture and Interior Design

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